“Sameer, who’s the other girl named Aria? I saw her in your phone when you asked for my number. You have another phone too, don’t you?!?” The last girl I had over at mine brought this up. Back when she was typing in her number, she had noticed another girl with the same name in … Continue reading preselection.py

Origin Stories Are Gamma

…at least according to John Bodi (my favorite daygame writer). Chodes love to talk at any given opportunity about their originsstory. On some bootcamps the first thing they do is go round the circleasking everyone “to tell us all a little about themselves”. It’s really a cheap shot: a chance for chodes to indulge themselves … Continue reading Origin Stories Are Gamma

Forcing a Decision

Girls are known to make nice guys wait. Not only for sex but for smaller things such as responding to text messages, confirming a date or even showing up to said date. Thus, it is often necessary to force a girl off the fence to determine whether she indeed has some level of interest or … Continue reading Forcing a Decision

I’m Over New York

New York is undeniably one of the best places in the world to learn daygame. Diverse pretty women, pedestrian streets and date venues exist in an abundance not seen elsewhere in North America. It is, however, a terrible place to live for a young man who either has a location-independent job or is self/unemployed. Out … Continue reading I’m Over New York

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