+1 Euro YHT Fools Mate

I can finally say that I closed a YHT(W(hiter)) girl. There was 0 dating involved and it resulted purely from solo R-selected daygame in a k-selected country. My 2nd lay living abroad and the first girl who is undoubtedly both younger AND hotter than myself. I originally planned to include this report along with all … Continue reading +1 Euro YHT Fools Mate

What Motivates Me to Approach (BONUS: Avoid This City For Daygame)

Recently, as I leave my apartment to daygame, I have noticed myself asking: why am I so motivated to do this? At the time of writing, I have lived abroad in Europe for the better part of the year. My metrics for this jaunt, more accurately, a hiatus abroad, are: 1200+ approaches, average of approx. … Continue reading What Motivates Me to Approach (BONUS: Avoid This City For Daygame)

Forcing a Decision

Girls are known to make nice guys wait. Not only for sex but for smaller things such as responding to text messages, confirming a date or even showing up to said date. Thus, it is often necessary to force a girl off the fence to determine whether she indeed has some level of interest or … Continue reading Forcing a Decision

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